This story takes place in the near future (2025). The 0B-3Y virus is spread electronically when a computer user clicks on an email disguised as one sent by a known contact, leading to an immediate download that infiltrates the entire system. The virus forwards the same email to all of their contacts. This complex virus will use its algorithm to seek personal data, which is then used to emotionally torment and blackmail the person through a personalized system, whether it be through money, framing, or threats to harm their loved ones. The goal is to keep victims vulnerable but alive. 
The powerful people behind this virus have illegal operations that require people all over the world to unknowingly participate in order to expand and stay undetected. Victims of this virus are used as their pawns, who must comply with their orders, each tasked with a small but crucial role. Some roles are seemingly harmless while others are dangerous and often fatal. Failing to obey will result in their death and the death of their loved ones carried out by other 0B-3Y victims. Authorities cannot help because they have been recruited to carry out their plan as well. 
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